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Owosso Laingsburg Owosso
24/7 Gp. Monday Big Book Gp. Sat Nite Fellowship Gp.
St. John United Church of Christ
429 N Washington St
10:30 AM closed

Alano Club
7200 Friegel Rd.
8:00 AM closed

Christ Episcopal Church
120 E Goodhue St
8:00 PM
open speaker
Singleness of Purpose Gp.
Congregational Church basement
Corner of 2nd St & Madison
7:30 AM closed

In the spirit of cooperation, and because of our unique relationship with Al-anon;
this page may contain references to Al-anon and Al-ateen meetings. Such references
in no way imply endorsement by or affiliation with A.A. as a whole or
District 10 Area 32 and the groups within.