ShiaCoaa (district 10 area 32)

ShiaCoaa (district 10 area 32) was formed in August, 2002 in response to a need for communication and cooperation between the groups in District 10. ShiaCoaa is a service body within the General Service Conference structure of Alcoholics Anonymous and is listed in the appropriate directories published by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.® We are a service area within Area 32, Central Michigan Intra Area (CMIA).

District 10 as a geographic area is roughly defined as the groups within Shiawassee County, Michigan with Owosso at the center.

We hold our District meetings on a bi-monthly basis during the first week of each odd numbered month on a rotating basis throughout the District.

Our only goal is to help the groups in our District fulfill their primary purpose of helping other alcoholics achieve sobriety.

We endeavor to take on those tasks that should not fall upon a single group; compiling and printing updated meeting directories, maintaining an answering service hotline for the District, contacting media outlets in the District with the AA message of recovery and maintaining our own District website.

We act as a forum for your group to have it's voice heard in matters affecting AA, as a direct link to the General Service Conference through the election of District Committee Members (DCM) and to provide service opportunities for AA members in the District.

Each group represented at our District meetings has a vote in matters presented and in the election of District officers and DCM's.

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