ShiaCoaa (district 10 area 32) Meeting

Oct 5, 2009

Morrice, Mi

Ray H, acting Chair, opened meeting at 6:30 pm with the Serenity Prayer

Bill D, Secretary read minutes from August meeting. Minutes accepted as read and approved.

Treasurers report:

Joe F, Treasurer (absent due to illness) mailed report:

Bank balance as of 8/06/09 -----Dist. $141.45 PI/CPC $276.56


96.85 Durand Mon. Night

81.00 Durand Thurs. Night

21.00 Durand Sat. 12&12

42.00 Owosso Fresh Start

60.00 Vernon Mon. Night

20.00 Elsie A.M.

6.00 Dist. Basket

326.85 TOTAL


130.00 CMIA Travel (2 trips)

75.00 Argus Press

49.84 Verizon

10.00 Misc. (Remaining picnic)

264.84 Total

Bank balance as of 10/60409 -----Dist. $203.46 PI/CPC $276.56

Old Business:

Ray will get with Joe regarding Nov. 7 workshop lunch supplies.

Ron C, workshop Chairman described format for workshop and presented a flier.

It was suggested by Art M, alt. Delegate Area 32 CMIA Panel 59, that participants be listed and a small map be included. Workshop committee will revise and make available to groups.

We will be asking the groups in district to help with lunch (desserts, passing dishes etc.).

District asked CMIA Literature Chair Ray H to supply the pamphlets: Circles of Love and Service, Legacy of Service and Self Support: Where Money and Spirituality Meet ; at cost to the District for this workshop. Rick C DCM suggested we approach CMIA for support. It was noted that at this time there was not a vehicle in place at CMIA for the Districts to do this but that it should be presented to the DCM Committee at CMIA as a proposal that they form a plan to do this. Rick C. will make that proposal on behalf of the District at Dec. CMIA meeting.

Bill D Secretary presented written description of Secretaries duties and responsibilities.

Written reports of Treasurers and Chairpersons duties and responsibilities will be presented at Dec. meeting.

New Business:

Opened nominations for two Officers: Secretary and Chairperson.

Steve F, acting Chair was nominated for Chairperson pending acceptance.

Grant L nominated for Chair, accepted

Ken B nominated for Secretary, accepted

Juan Z nominated for Secretary pending acceptance.

Nominations remain open till December meeting and election.

Rick C, DCM has compiled updated group information and has contacted printers for cost bids for new District Directories. (see DCM Report.) District approved lowest bid.

Meeting closed with Lords Prayer and adjourned at 7:30 PM

Thanks to the Perry Serenity Group for Hosting

Decembers District Meeting will be hosted by the Stepping Together Group in Owosso at the First Baptist Church, 114 W Mason at 8:15 PM



My intention is to bring before this Committee, a Motion to reprint our District Meetings Directory. I’m aware that a number of groups still have Directories, but at the same time I have personally purchased many from various groups in order to supply groups that have run out.

My contention is this; that while many of the groups may have Directories, the District has none. Two new groups have been added since the last printing, one being an AL-ANON group. There have been 19 contact number changes since the last printing, plus one group address change.

I have contacted the following Printing Services in order to secure bids for said Directories:


111 S. Washington, Owosso Ball St., Owosso

BID: $ 552.00 BID: $ “Same as last time” ($750.00 ???)


9517 S. Morrice Rd., Morrice

BID: $ 510.00


1907 W. M-21, Owosso

BID: $ 485.00 ( 19.4 x 2500 = 485.00 ) ( This is a cost reduction of 35.3% vs. .30 per copy )

UNKNOWN NAME, District 12 Directory printer (Genesee Co.)

BID: $780.55

THE WEEKLY MERIDAN in Ovid was unable to handle this

WILLOBY PRESS, 1407 Corunna Ave, Corunna, was unable to handle this

F.J GRAFIC INC., 11049 W. Corunna Rd., Lennon, CLOSED

CREST PRINTING,1003 S. Washington, Owosso, CLOSED

Other noteworthy news; Lennon based TVC has added our Alcoholics Anonymous Hotline message to their Community Message Channel. Owosso has done the same with their Community cable channel. Starting Monday, Oct 5th, the Durand Chamber of Commerce will be posting on their Community Calendar, on a permanent basis, a listing of all of our Group meetings (including AL-ANON) in the Durand, Byron, Lennon and Vernon areas. I believe the Owosso Chamber is being contacted at this time for the same purpose. I have a scheduled meeting with Durand City Manager, Amy Roddy, on Mon. Oct. 5th, for the purpose of finding out what happened to Durand’s Community Channel, and what needs to happen to get it up and running again. Ray H. has told me that this medium has already shown results in the Owosso area.

Last, but more importantly, Congratulations to our District’s two newest G.S.R.’s,,, Gary P representing the “Byron Tuesday Night Gp.”, and Juan Z holding down that post for the “Durand Friday Night Gp.”

Travel Expenses: Bay City Intra-Area, 60.28 x 2 = 120.56 mi. x .25 = $ 30.14

In Service,

Rick C. DCM District 10 Area 32

The listing of firms, governmental agencies and civic/business organizations on this page in no way imply endorsement by or affiliation with Alcoholics Anonymous. They are included here only as information regarding the necessary business of ShiaCoaa.

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