Minutes from District 10 Intergroup Meeting

October 4, Ovid


Chuck C volunteered to chair the meeting

Meeting opened with a Moment of Silence and the Serenity Prayer


Discussed on-going problem of re-contacting professionals in the District to follow up public information (PI) and cooperation with the professional community (CPC) work that had been undertaken 15 months ago by the PI/CPC Committee at the District.

During the summer of 2004 a group of people from our District undertook the task of contacting every school and library; the courts and probation department; and other concerned professionals in the district (doctors, lawyers, the clergy, mental health services and broadcast media) to make them aware of AA as a resource for those persons they may come into contact with that may have a drinking problem. That group became the District PI/CPC Committee. The Committee has received funding from Central Michigan Intra-Area to continue PI/CPC work in the District and those funds are held in a separate account ear marked expressly for PI/CPC work by the District.

Now it is time to follow up that initial effort and recontact those folks to see if we need to resupply literature (pamphlets, Big Books, 12 & 12’s, and radio public service messages). We need some people to step up and volunteer a couple of hours a week for a couple of weeks to see that this work gets done. Ideally these volunteers will have time available during the day. The District has voted to allow expense reimbursement from the PI/CPC account (see new business). We have several volunteers at present; Chuck C and Sue T as a team and Dick J and Bill D as a team. (in keeping with the AA adage that 12 Step work should not be done alone I suppose, Sec comments)


Nominations for District Officers: Chairperson and Secretary are open until the next District Meeting Dec. 7 in Lennon.

Nominations to date are Chair, Sue T; Secretary, Chris A


The Fall Workshop will be held in Owosso at St John Church of Christ, 429 N Washington on Saturday, Nov 12. at 1:00 PM. The theme for the workshop will be “Carrying the Message”


Roger C presented District with new Alanon meeting information. That info has been posted on our website at district10area32.org.

Bill D, mail contact for the District presented mailings received from GSO and other sources and gave report of website visits since last meeting. Bill stated that number of visits to site are only rough estimate of actual visits from individuals as search engine robots that hit our site are counted as visits.

Ray H, Treas. gave Treasurers report


Meeting closed with Lord’s Prayer

The District thanks Ovid-Elsie Gp for hosting District Meeting

14 people in attendance; 9 groups represented:

Dan W Fri Night Owosso

Roger C Wed Night Owosso

Tom H Fri Night Durand

Sue T Thur. Nite Durand

Chris A Tue Night Byron

Mark S Big Book Study Lennon

Bill W Mon Nite Durand

Darrell P New Lothrop Gp New Lothrop







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