District 10 Meeting Minutes Oct 1, 2004

Mark S. called meeting to order and asked Chuck C., Friday Night Gp. rep to open meeting

Chuck C. opened meeting with Serenity Prayer.

Ray H. gave treasurers report. Bill D. motioned to accept treasurers report. Dallas B. 2nd, all are in favor.

Chuck C. read minutes from last meeting Dallas B. motioned to accept minutes as read, Bill D. 2nd, all are in favor


Bill D. brought up topic of new phone service through a computer. At the district meeting in Lennon 6-2-04 Keith C. agreed to set up the service in his home. Keith has recently had surgery and is in recovery mode. Bill D. motioned we vote on new phone service. Charlene Z. 2nd, vote is unanimous in favor of. If it's to be at Keith C.'s home it will be contingent on his health.


Bill D. received a letter from the Grapevine giving us permission to put Grapevine material on our web-site. He also stated he received a letter stating that our District 10 Intergroup along with our web address will be in the national directory.

Sue T. gave PI/CPC report. Sue T. and Ron C. went to and made sure all the libraries in District 10 have Big Books and literature. All but two that is, these are in schools and will be addressed also. Sue T. and Chuck C. will meet with Perry school district superintendent; all principles and vice-principles; and counselors to share with them how we can help. Meeting to take place Oct. 7, 04 at Perry middle-school. They will also drop off public service announcements at the two radio stations in Owosso.


A special district meeting will be held to go over group structure. Monday night group in Owosso will be our host. St John's Church of Christ 429 N. Washington November 1st at 8:00pm.

Dallas B. motioned to close, Sue T. 2nd, all in favor "YES".

Mark S. thanked the Friday Night Gp. for hosting.

Attendance; Dallas B, Ron C., Bill D., Kurt P., Bill W., Darrel P., Charlene Z., Chris A., Jenny, Ray H. Don B., Lois, Dick J., Sue T., Gary P., Ricki R. Mark S., Chuck C., Mark S.

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