District 10 Meeting Minutes                                    Oct 2, 2003


            Bill D. opened the meeting.  The meeting was turned over to Mark S.  There was a moment

            of silence followed by the Serenity Prayer.


            Bill D. ask about beverages for workshop.  Ray H. and Roger C. said that itwas all taken care

            of.  Groups will provide snack foods.


            Ray H. still working on tax ID #.


            Ray H. gave Treasurers Report

                        Receivable                    $119.00

                        Payables                        196.95

                        Current Bal                       96.62


            Roger C. nominated Keith C for DCM.  Keith accepts nomination.


            Bill D. nominated Bill W. for DCM.  Bill W. accepts nomination.


            Bonnie A. nominated Bill T. for DCM.  Bill T. accepts nomination.


            It was "unanimous" that Barb M. be nominated for secretary.  Barb was not present to

            accept.  This matter will be tabled.


            New DCM's                           Bill T.-Perry                    Next two years

                                                            Keith C.-Vernon            "                      "

                                                            Bill W.-Durand  "                      "


            Committee was set up to put together new meeting list and contact numbers.


            Meeting List Committee Members:            Bill D.-Durand, Byron, Lennon

                                                                                    Ray H.

                                                                                    Roger C.- will take care of the rest

                                                                                    New listings by next Dis 10 meeting.


            Bill D. offered to go to Lansing to pick up literature for the workshop.  District

            10 will reimburse the cost.                


            New Business


            Bill D. asked that a group, whether registered with General Service Office or

            not that they may have a vote at District Level.


            Ron C. suggest that this matter be tabled until the next District 10 meeting stating that

            when it was voted on back in February that a group had to be registered to have a vote at  the District Level and that the group that voted back in Feb. and groups that were at the Feb.  

            meeting and are not present should be notified and given the opportunity to vote. 

            Matter was tabled.


District 10 Inter Group mail contact with General Service Office will be Bill D.

            Next District 10 Meeting to be hosted by Durand Friday Night Group, Dec 5 at 6:30

Roger C. motion to close the meeting.










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