Bill D. found a phone service called Vonage, cost $14.99 per month. You need   broad band. It has many features, one being call forwarding. More on this later.

Bill D has sent out an e-mail asking those who are interested in working with him on the web-site let him know. He wants help in making content decisions.

Bill D. mentioned their are some young people who want to get a young peoples meeting started. We need to work on making this happen.

Ray H. said that pi/cpc can't hold their committee meeting during district meeting. Chuck C. said that district is a pi committee. Roger C. disagreed , said that the meeting was for conducting district business. Ray H. also stated that they needed to elect ther own officers.

Chuck C. said that since Sue T. was out sick he would give pi/cpc report. Frist stating that 3 months prior at the district meeting on Aug. 5th, at the Congregational Church in Durand, their was some discussion about whether it was a waste of time for the pi/cpc committee to continue asking for help. Some things were aired that needed to be aired. At the last district meeting Oct.1 only a report was given. business went on as usual. Further more, Sue T. and Chuck C. met with the superintendent, principles and vice-principles of the Perry school district. All went well. We left them some literature and literature catalog to get them started. They have asked for someone to speak with a group of parents. Also for someone close to school age to go into the class room. We explained to them that we are not councelors or professionals in any way. That we were there to cooperate with them as long as long as it was within our traditions.

Keith C. said he would approach intra area to ask for $250.00 for pi/cpc.

Chuck C. asked if we could think about taking 5% of donations to district and put it in the pi/cpc account.

Don B. nominated Jenny for secretary, Jenny accepted.

Bill D. sent a district donation to G.S.O.  (correction; Bill SUGGESTED that we make a donation to G.S.O.)

New Years Eve Dance at V.F.W. hall in Corunna.

Byron will host next district meeting Dec. 7 at 6:30pm. Frist Methodist Church 101 South ann

Don B., Ray H., Bill D., Jenny, Dallas B., Roger C., Keith C. Dale B., Dan W., Peg M., Chuck C.        

Byron will host next district meeting Dec. 7 at 6:30pm. First Methodist Church 101 South Ann

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