ShiaCoaa Meeting Minutes

June 4, 2008


Chuck C., Chair, opened the meeting with a moment of silence followed by the Serenity Prayer.

Janell J. read minutes from the April 1 meeting: Motion to accept seconded; minutes approved as read.

Sue T., Treasurer, gave the treasurer's report:

3/08 District Treasury: P.I.C.P.C. Treasury

Starting balance: $ 204.52 Starting balance: $276.56

Received: $ 434.00 Received: $ 0

Paid: $ 76.37 Paid: $ 0

4/08 Ending balance: $1145.38 Ending balance: $276.56

4/08 Starting balance: $1145.38 Starting balance: $276.56

Received: $ 60.00 Received: $ 0

Paid: $ 868.54 Paid: $ 0

================== ==================

5/08 Ending balance: $336.84 Ending balance: $276.56

Donations were received from Vernon Monday Night, Corunna Freedom Group, Durand Friday Night, Owosso Saturday Night Open Speaker, Lennon Big Book, Durand Thursday Night, Marion Springs Group, Byron Tuesday Night and Durand Monday Night.

Motion to accept Treasurer's Report seconded and approved.


Regarding the need for additional volunteers to chair the 7 p.m. meeting at the Memorial Hospital Stress Unit: Todd M. offered to create a flyer. The contacts for the group are Bob A. at 723-7200 and Roger at 725-6545.

Bill T. noted that the ShiaCoaa District 10 Spring Seminar, which was held April 5 at the Corunna United Methodist Church, went well, with about 50 people attending. The event was titled "Carrying the AA Message.” Co-chairmen for the event were Bill and Todd.

The new meeting cards are in distribution and available to groups/members for 28-cents per book.

Controversy with the Shiawassee County Jail staff is making it difficult for members to hold meetings for the prisoners. Chuck noted that there have not been meetings at the jail in 12 years. He will continue to work on getting meetings going again. He noted that once AA gets in, there will have to be a serious commitment among those volunteering.

Those present agreed that getting AA volunteers to hold meetings in the jail is a good idea since the prisoners can’t meet on their own.

Bill wondered whether groups that donate should be included in the Webmaster’s report. Janell mentioned she would include the donating groups in the meeting minutes, which will be posted on the Web. It was also noted that the minutes should be available to area groups. Bill also stated that he would like to post the Grapevine on the Web.

Ray discussed format changes being proposed for Inter-Area meetings, despite the fact that that meeting formats have been the same for 55 years. It was noted that those proposing the changes were trying to find ways to make Inter-Area more attractive, to foster more communication outside of standing meetings and to get more people at Inter-Area and to keep them coming back. However, they are trying to completely change the way the meetings are run, which they technically are not allowed to do, according to the Second Tradition.

Some of the proposals included not meeting every month and taking away GSRs’ votes. Their job is to present changes/proposals to the chairperson, who then presents them to assemblies/groups, not to make proposals. It was noted that the primary goal of Inter-Area is to elect delegates to the general service conference. It’s unlikely, due to the way the proposed changes are being handled, that they will be passed. However, representatives need to take the messages to their groups and get representatives from District 10 to attend the meetings and voice their concerns so decisions can be made based on a group consciousness.


Ray discussed the annual ShiaCoAA picnic to be held June 22 at the Kirby Road Park. It was decided to ask Larry be the open speaker so he can give his delegate report from a recent conference he attended. Ray itemized what he currently has and what is needed.

Harry noted that there seems to be a great deal of controversy between groups and wondered if there is any way to further communication between groups. The answer: the problems need to be presented at a District 10 meeting, which is an opportunity for DCMs and GSRs to come together and talk about problems.

Meeting adjourned at 9:20 p.m. with the Lord’s Prayer. Thanks to the Corunna House of Serenity Group for hosting the meeting.

The next meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. Aug. 6 at the Congregational Church in Durand.


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