District 10 Intergroup Meeting


Byron, June 5, 2007


Roger C., Chairman opened meeting with a moment of silence and the Serenity Prayer

Minutes from April District meeting approved as printed.

Treasurers report:

            Sue T., Treas. was absent for verbal report and made available to the body this written report:

Apr:                               May:                                

            Start Bal:      $274.63    Start Bal:      $394.83     

            Receivable:  $158.00             Receivable:   $65.00   

            Payable:       $37.00       Payable:            $82.28     

            Balance:       $394.83     Balance:            $377.56

                P.I./C.P.C    $302.00      P.I./C.P.C    $302.00    

(Public Information and Cooperation with the Professional Community funds are held separate from the District general funds and are earmarked for PI/CPC Committee work within the district.)

Group Donations:


            Tuesday Stepping Together Gp            $20.00

            Friday Morn Gp                                  $80.00


            Freedom Gp                                        $50.00


            Friday Night Gp.                                 $30.00

            Other Donations

            Vernon Fellowship Gp-Pavillion for Dist Picnic                                $60.00

            Durand Fri. Night-for picnic                                                               $25.00

            Anonymous Individual                                                             $10.00


Old Business:

            Plans for the District Picnic have been finalized and Mark S. volunteered Joe McG. of Clio to be the speaker for the open meeting.


New Business:

            Planning for the Fall workshop is underway and we are looking for suggestions for a topic. Some suggestions so far are: “The Steps”, “I Am Responsible”, “Self Support” and “---great events will come to pass” Plan on attending our next  District meeting to be held in Lennon hosted by the Big Book Study Gp, Aug 1, at 6:00 PM, United Methodist Church, 1014 Oak St and have your group heard.

            The Owosso-Chesaning Picnic will be held July 15 at Showboat Park in Chesaning

            The Durand Area Fellowship Picnic will be held Aug. 18 at Trumbul Park in Durand


Meeting adjourned with the Lords Prayer—Thanks to Tue Night Gp for hosting