Minutes of District 10 Intergroup (ShiaCoAA) Meeting

Christ Episcopal Church Owosso, Mi

June 5, 2006


Sue T, Chair. thanked the Monday 12 & 12 Gp. for hosting the meeting and opened with a moment of silence and the Serenity Prayer.


The group acknowledged and welcomed the presence of Jesse P., Delegate, Panel 55, Area 32, Central Michigan. Jesse is our delegate from Central Michigan Intra-area to the General Service Conference of Alcoholics Anonymous and has just recently returned from his second (and last) General Service Conference held in New York City. The District would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Jesse for his prodigious service and sacrifice on behalf of the Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous. Well done Jesse and thank you!


Ray H., Treas. gave the Treasurers Report:

General Fund

            Starting balance:  $572.31

            Receivable:          $90.00

            Payable:               $203.27

            Current balance:  $459.04

PI/CPC Fund*

            Starting balance:  $346.00

            Receivable:          $0.00

            Payable:               $0.00

            Current balance:  $346.00

*The PI/CPC Fund is held separate from the General Fund and is earmarked specifically for the use of Public Information and Cooperation with the Professional Community work in the District.

            Ray stated that with the upcoming cost for the new directories (See ‘Discussion’ below) and the expense of the District picnic as well as our ongoing regular payments that the General Fund would be in a drastically depleted state unless we received more contributions from the groups in the District.

            Bill D., Webmaster for District 10 presented the body with a bill for $134.98 for the cost of transferring our website hoster and domain registrar and stated he would be willing to defray reimbursement pending the District’s financial state.


Website Report:

            Bill D., Webmaster reported that our new internet address (www.shiacoaa.org) was fully functional and we could begin publishing address in our directories and news blurbs. Our previous address (www.district10area32.org) will continue to link visitors to our site and we have built an opening page stating our address change and urging visitors to begin using our new address now, and that opening page stating our address change will expire in mid-September. We will continue to own our previous domain name until April, 2008 and anyone that uses that to access our site will still be linked to us.

            Our site was “down” for several days during the transition due to the webmaster’s ignorance of the requirements for transferring domain names ending with the suffix .org.

            Bill is going to make every effort to contact all AA websites that are known to link to us and inform them about our name change so that they may begin referring to our new name.


PI/CPC Committee Report:

            Sue T., Chair reported that the PI/CPC Committee hasn’t met due to the lack of people interested in doing this important work or perhaps due to lack of information to the Fellowship in the District as to the existence of a PI/CPC Committee in our District. (See ‘Discussion’ below.)


Secretary Report:

            Bill D., Secretary presented the body with some fliers announcing the next State Conference he received from Area 33. (See ‘Discussion’ below.)  Bill announced he will have an inventory list of mailings and materials available for use within the District at the next District meeting.


Old Business:

            Our new updated District directories will be available in a few weeks.

            We have finalized the planning for the District picnic to be held Sunday June 25 at Kerby Corners Park and after a small mix-up regarding the day and date on some fliers and notifications we are sure folks in the District are aware of the exact date and time of the picnic.

            Chuck C., Chair CMIA PI/CPC Committee reported to the District that the proposed Area 32 Workshop for Public Information and Cooperation with the Professional Community is scheduled for September.


New Business:

             No new business unless some arise from the item ‘Discussion’ below.



            The subject of recovering the cost for District directories came up. It was stated that some districts make their directories available to the groups in their district at the cost of the directories. District 10’s policy is to make the directories available to the groups without charge but with the statement that the directories were paid for from group contributions to District 10 Intergroup. It was noted that the groups in the District have almost unanimously made a contribution to help offset the cost for the directories.

            The PI/CPC Committee would urge anyone in the Fellowship within the District that would be interested in working with the Committee to please contact us and attend our meetings. The Committee would like to meet one day a month on a regular basis but we need the cooperation and interest of the Fellowship to see that this work gets carried out. If someone is interested they may contact Sue T at  (edited) or attend our District meetings.

            Jesse P. noticed after reviewing the flier for the upcoming 26th East Central Regional Conference & 54th Michigan State Conference that their wasn’t a check-off box for groups wishing to make a contribution to help offset the cost of coffee for the conference and told the body that was a major cost to the conference as the host site makes purchase of their coffee for attendees mandatory. Jesse also mentioned that he would be looking for volunteers to assist him in the meetings he will be chairing. You may contact Jesse at (edited) or by e-mail at (edited) if you would like to volunteer.


Next District Meeting:

            We are looking for a group to host the next District meeting to be held Tue. Aug 1st. Roger C. said he would contact the Ovid group and expected that they would agree to host. But if your group would like to host on Aug 1st please get in touch.


District Contact Information:


            (989) 723-5711

            Or write:

            District 10 Intergroup

            5300 S New Lothrop Rd

            Durand, Mi 48429-1825

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