The Tuesday Nite AA Chairman opened the meeting with a moment of Silence followed by the Serenity Prayer, at 6:30pm.  The meeting was then turned over to the Chairman of District 10, Bill D, thanking the Host Group, and giving an introduction of Officers.


Ray H presented the Treasurer’s Report:            Beginning Balance              $357.00

                                                                                    Receivables                           +125.00

                                                                                    Payables                                -306.08           

                                                                                    Current Balance                    $185.92


Ray maintains this checking account in his own name.  He is investigating getting a non-profit status and a Tax ID. This will ensure that while the Treasurer’s may change, the checking account will not.


There was discussion as to what a “Prudent Reserve” might be.  We average about $90 a month, this amount cannot be determined at this time, and also the group may incur mailing costs associated with the minutes.  During the discussion the question was why would we mail or distribute the minutes? The answer? Because we want the district to be aware of this communication tool and it may generate feedback that is valuable to the service of District 10.  At this time there is an e-mail distribution list that covers many of the meetings.


There was discussion about group donations and it was determined that Group Conscience should always drive contributions, as opposed to set contributions.



Bill D. – We need to print a revised version of the meeting list cards.  In the past the printer considered it service work, we should be paying competitive rates, we may not always be able to use the same printer.  There was a question on whether we could include NA and CA.  The answer is no, because they are not affiliated with the Worldwide AA Service.


Bonnie A. - As far as contributions – consider what District 10 will be able to do for our area.


Bill D asked for a volunteer group to host the next meeting, to be held Wednesday August 6, 2003.  Mark volunteered for Lennon, after the regular scheduled meeting, or around 8:30pm.  District meetings are being rotated to include each day of the week, Monday through Friday, only.


Don – We did get a new mailbox, but the revision of the answering service paragraph never arrived.  We did list Al-Anon meetings and contact numbers. Charlene – daughter is a professional announcer and may be willing to do a voiceover.



Chuck C. – Distributed approx. 100 meeting cards to probation offices.



Ray H. – Fall Workshop – Scheduled for October 4th, at St. John’s United Church,

429 N. Washington St., in Owosso, from 12:30pm – 4pm.  The panel met on June 12th at Ray’s house. (See Attachment A). The Panel includes: Chuck C, Ray H., Jeff C., Don, and Kurt P. 


Bill D. - When voting on issues at the meetings, it was determined that regardless of how many were present from your group, only one (1) vote would be accepted, he also presented the group with the District 10 Inter-Group Guidelines. (See Attachment B).




In August, we will be taking nominations for the District Committee Members (DCM), to be voted on at the October District 10 Meeting.  It was determined that the District could support 4.  We need people with general service experience and a willingness to serve, to represent us.


A collection was taken, and turned over to the host group


The Meeting was adjourned at 7:50 pm and closed with the Lord’s Prayer.


The next meeting will be in Durand, at the (fill in the blank please) immediately after the regularly scheduled meeting.

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