Footnotes and Bibliography

  1. The Preamble is reprinted from The Grapevine©with permission of The A.A. Grapevine, Inc.®, Publisher.

    The Preamble in it's present form is a condensation of A.A.®principles as they appear in the foreword to the 1st Edition of the book Alcoholics Anonymous©1939, published by A.A. World Services, Inc.®

    The Preamble was written by Tom Y., the first editor of The Grapevineand first appeared in The GrapevineJune, 1947. The original wording was, "We are not an organization in the conventional sense of the word. There are no dues or fees whatsoever. The only requirement for membership is an honest desire to stop drinking. We are not allied with any particular faith, sect or denomination, nor do we oppose anyone. We simply wish to be helpful to those who are afflicted.", and was referred to as 'the AA Definition'.

    The Preamble was originally written for those professionals outside AA who may come into contact with alcoholics and is now read widely at the start of many A.A. meetings both closed and open.

    A delegate to the 1958 General Service Conference suggested that, as the word 'honest' does not appear in the Third Tradition, it may be dropped from the Preamble. At the mid-summer meeting of the AA General Service Board in that same year the deletion of the word 'honest' was ratified and at the same time "There are no dues or fees whatsoever", was amended and ratified to the present form.

  2. The phrases,"The spiritual life is not a theory." and"We have to live it."; are the first two sentences of the second paragraph on page 83 in the Sixth Chapter; "Into Action" of the book Alcoholics Anonymous published by A.A.W.S, Inc. ®

    'The Promises', as they are referred to within the Fellowship of A.A., begin with the last paragraph on page 83 and continue through the first two paragraphs on page 84 of that same chapter and book. These sections are reproduced on this website with permission of the publisher.

  3. "---the steps we took---" is excerpted from the sentence, "Here are the steps we took which are suggested as a program of recovery:" This sentence is an introduction to the Twelve Steps of A.A. and appears on page 59 of the Fifth Chapter; "How It Works" of the book Alcoholics AnonymousThe Steps immediately follow this sentence and continue on page 60. Both are reprinted here with the permission of A.A.W.S., Inc.

    The Twelve Steps are widely referred to in A.A. literature and a comprehensive study of them is beyond the scope of this website. However, if it's helpful we would like to refer you to these A.A. publications:

    • The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions©written by Bill W. Copyright © by A.A. Grapevine, Inc.and A.A.W.S.,Inc. 1952, 1953.
    • Alcoholics Anonymous Copyright © 1939, 1955, 1976, 2001 by A.A.W.S., Inc.
    • A.A. Comes of Age©Copyright © 1955 by A.A.W.S., Inc.

  4. "Our A.A. experience has taught us that:"is the phrase that introduces The Twelve Traditions (long form) on page 189 of The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditionswritten by Bill. W. Copyright©1952, 1953 by A.A.W.S., Inc.and is reproduced with permission of the publisher.
    "The Twelve Traditions" (short form) were reprinted from page 562 of the book Alcoholics Anonymouswith permission.

    As with the twelve steps, a more comprehensive review of the twelve traditions may be undertaken with the referred publications listed above in footnote 3. In addition the book The A.A. Service Manual Combined With Twelve Concepts for World Service"©, Copyright © 1962, 1969, 1986, 1987, 1989-2003 by A.A.W.S.,Inc. may be of great help

  5. "---our freedom to serve is truly the freedom by which we live--the freedom in which we have our being", is extracted from the last sentence of the Twelfth Concept for World Service as written by Bill W. in The Twelve Concepts for World Service©Copyright © 1962 by A.A.W.S., Inc.and is reprinted with permission.
    The Twelve Concepts for World Serviceare published by General Service Office of Alcoholics Anonymous Copyright © 1962 Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.
    The short form of the Twelve Concepts was prepared by the 1974 General Service Conference for inclusion in the A.A. Service Manual©. This reproduction was taken from the 2001 edition of the book Alcoholics Anonymous , page 574, Appendice VII and is reprinted with permission.

    The Concepts were an attempt by Bill W. to preserve the lessons of past experience and explain to future servants of our Fellowship why our service structure is the way it is today. In the words of Bill W.: "The 'Twelve Concepts for World Service' to be described in this Manual ("Third Legacy Manual of A.A. World Service" _ed.) are an interpretation of A.A.'s world service structure. They reveal the evolution by which it has arrived in it's present form, and they detail the experience and reasoning on which our operation stands today. These Concepts therefore aim to record the 'why' of our service structure in such a fashion that the highly valuable experience of the past, and the lessons we have drawn from that experience, can never be forgotten or lost." [page 3 The A.A. Service Manual Copyright © 1962, 1999-2000 Edition] reproduced with permission A.A.W.S., Inc.

  6. The Declaration of Responsibilty©, commonly referred to as the 'Responsibility Pledge', was the theme of the 30th International Convention held in Toronto, Canada July 2nd thru the 4th, 1965 and was introduced to the Convention by Bill W.
    Reprinted with permission A.A.W.S., Inc.

  7. The Declaration of Unity© takes it's name from the theme of the 35th International Convention held July 3rd thru the 5th, 1970 in Miami Beach, Florida, and as was the Declaration of Responsibility, was presented to the Convention by Bill W.
    Reprinted with permission A.A.W.S.,Inc.

To those that would like to learn more about the A.A. Fellowship: its program of recovery, its Traditions, and its service principles, we would recommend the following publications in addition to those already noted:

More resources may be found by visiting AA or by contacting us.

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