District 10 Meeting

                                                            February 2, 2007





10 people present


Roger C. opened meeting with the Serenity Prayer.


Todd read minutes of last district 10 meeting.


Sue T. gave treasures report. Approved.


Todd gave short Grapevine report. Says he's going to make up a flyer to let people know about

the Grapevine and how to get it.


Old Business:

Discussion on how we can get groups to help support the district.

Brian M. stated that a new group has been started and members will support district.

Was suggested that groups who are not participating be approached.                                                                        

Motion was made to report the amount and identity of every group that contributes funds to District 10.

Motion passed!


Room secured for March workshop. Details are still in planning.


New Business:

Mark S. was approached and asked if Shiawassee Co. would be interested in merging with Genesee Co. in the printing of our meeting directories. Discussion concluded that it would probably be more costly for us. Mark will get back with his contact to find out how much it will cost district 10 and let the body know                                                                     at the next meeting.


Next district 10 meeting will be hosted by the Monday 12&12 in Owosso at Christ Episcopal Church at 8:00 PM

119 E. Oliver.


Chuck C. motioned to close, 2nd, all in favor, yes

Our thanks to the Friday Night Group for hosting, well done.