District 10 Meeting Owosso 2-2-2005

Craig opened meeting with Serenity Prayer.

Jenny H. read minutes from last meeting.

Ray H. gave Treasury report:

We have $445.61. Don asked about CPC. Ray said that was a separate account. (Their money came from intra-area). Therefore not neccessary to add to our report. Roger C. said that it did and would like to be added others agreed. Ray said that he would bring that report to the next meeting. CPC will have it's own report and show expenses. As it stands per Sue T. that Ray has control over the distribution of such funds.


Sue T.- Last meeting January 3rd, 2004, trying to find young people to go into schools to speak. Information has been distributed to Durand and Perry and are awaiting to hear from CMH. The schools are looking for speakers in their early 20's to share, someone in the program and works with alternative Ed students. Sue has spoken with someone in the program who may be able to help. This committee is still looking for volunteers to get that information out. Committee is looking at display board in the cost of $195.00 to aid in presentation to schools and other public resources. Committee is still discussing. Next meeting will be held the Sunday before the next district meeting. Will announce time at various meetings. Sue gave Secretary notes from last meeting.


Ray H. will meet with Bill D. regarding the telephone system, if nothing is resolved we will make decision at next meeting in April, 1st Thursday of the month. This has been ongoing discussion for a year we need to make a decision.


No one has volunteered as yet.

Hosting CMIA Intra Area

Sue T. -Where does money come from? Ray H. says that it comes from CMIA. Donations come from groups and each group gives anonymously. There is no set fee.

Web Site

Bill D. by proxy would like $2.50 a month for email redirects. We were getting 5, with the extra money we can get 25. Dallas made motion to pass, vote was unaminous in favor of.

New Business

Changing name of website address. Will wait for Bill D. to explain his reasoning before we make decision. Bill trying to cause havoc while away basking in the Florida sun.


Roger brought up the issue of some members wanting CMIA to finance busses to take some members to the forum in Houghton-Hancock. Asking members to pass info to their home meetings to encourage people to attend CMIA in Cass City to share thoughts. Results- District 10 Chair Don B. attended meeting and reported that such a finance would be turned down, but that $3,300 would be allowed for lodging for 3 days and the rest to be split between the 20 members for expenses.

Next meeting to be held Thursday April, 7 in Durand at the Congregational Church at 6:30 pm.

In attendance:
Don B.-Chair
Jenny H. - Secretary
Ray H.- Treasurer
Roger C.
Craig A.
Bill T.
Bonnie T.
Dallas B.
Dick J.
Sue T.

Motion to close---all in favor---closed with Lords Prayer

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