District 10 Minutes         Feb 2, 2004

Hosted by the Vernon Mon. Night Gp.

Keith C. opened meeting with a moment of silence followed by the Serenity Prayer

Bill D. filled in as chairperson until Mark S. (tardy as he was; a welcome sight just the same) showed up.

Ray H gave the treasurers report:

Beginning Balance           $4.05

Contributions                   241.00

Payables                             201.80

Current Balance               $43.25

Opinions were shared on how our groups can help support our district financially.

2500 new directories will be printed soon. New meetings being added.

Roger C. explained the procedure and reason for the up-coming Mock Conference in Mt. Pleasant.

Bill D. stated that a concerned member suggested that a live voice would be more preferable on our AA HOT LINE than an answering machine. Ray H. pointed out that we are committed to a 2 year contract and we had about 1 year left to fulfill that commitment.

It was suggested that in the future when we are to vote in matters presented to the district that we establish which groups are represented so that we have an accurate count of how many votes are to be cast through the groups represented.

Roger C. suggested a workshop on the service structure of AA. Workshop will be held the 3rd or 4th Saturday in April at St. John Church of Christ, 429 N Washington, Owosso. More to come when finalized.

Bill D. nominated Chuck C. for Secretary. Chuck accepted and stated that the body would have to buy him a pen; the Majority immediately offered up their own personal pens. I guess you could say the vote was unanimous.

April 6 will be our next district meeting and will be hosted by the Ovid Group at 7:00 PM at Holy Family Catholic Church, 510 Mabbitt Rd., Ovid.

Bill D. motioned for meeting to be closed. Meeting closed with the Lordís Prayer.

Meeting closed with Lords Prayer. Thanks to the Big Book Gp for hosting.

Attendance: Keith C., Bill W., Bill D., Bill T., Bonnie T., Mark S., Dick J., Chuck C., Debbie M., Sue T., Sue B., Roger C. and Ray H.

In Service to the District, Chuck C., Sec.

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