Frequently Asked Question About Service

  1. How does our group fit into the service structure of AA®?

  2. What is a General Service Representative (GSR)?

  3. Who is the District Committee Member (DCM) for the district?

  4. How can I register a new group?

  5. How do we change group information? (mtg. location, time, days, new GSR, etc.)

  6. How can I find out my groups service number?

  7. What service materials are available to better help my group understand General Service? And how can we obtain them?

The group and it's place in the General Service Structure of A.A

The group is where it all begins, where recovery takes place. Without the group A.A. would cease to be. The group is the most important component of the service structure and all other levels of general service from the local intergroup to the General Service Conference and A.A. World Services® are in place to help the group carry out its primary purpose of helping other alcoholics achieve sobriety. The group is linked to the whole of A.A. through its General Service Representative (GSR) For more information refer to the publications listed below.
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General Service Representative (GSR)

Your group's GSR is an elected member of your group and acts as the link from your group to the whole of A.A. GSR's meet with other GSR's and elect District Committee Members (DCM) and together meet regularly with other districts GSRs and DCMs at area assemblys and elect a delegate to the General Service Conference where the work of A.A. as a whole takes place. To find out more about the duties and qualifications of a GSR refer to the publications listed below.
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The District Committee Member (DCM) for District 10 area 32 is:

  • Rick C.

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Registering a new group

In order to register a group with A.A.'s General Service Office you must fill out a New Group Registration Form. These forms are available through the District (call or contact us through information on our home page), from one of the DCMs listed above, at CMIA meetings (area 32 Central Michigan Intra Area) held monthly throughout the Area (you may complete this form electronically through the CMIA website, or as a download from the General Service Office.
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Changing group information

When your group makes changes that affect your registration with G.S.O. you should complete a change of group information form. Some of these changes may be: meeting location, time and days group meets, election or change of groups GSR, change of contact phone number for your group. Your group name, days it meets, and contact numbers are published in directories by AA World Services as a source of referals for newcomers and for others that may like to attend a meeting in your location. A Change Of Group Information Form is available from the sources listed above. (registering a new group)
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Group registration numbers

Your groups registration number, the number that GSO uses to compile your groups information is a three part number: the first number in parentheses is your group number, the second number in parentheses is the service area your group is located in and the third number in parentheses is the District within that service area your group registers in. For example: My Home GP. (1234567)(32)(10) where the first number is your group number, the second is the area service number and the third is the district within that service area.

You may find your groups number on the list of meetings for the district from our home page when you click on meetings, then weekly schedule, then any day of the week your group meets. The numbers were entered with the best information on hand at the time this was posted on the site. In the event that your number is incomplete and you know the missing information, please let us know as soon as possible so we may update. Send updated information to web master from home page. It is also possible that your group is not registered with the General Service Office. If that is the case you may want to approach your home group and suggest that it register; keeping in mind our 4th Tradition of group autonomy.
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Service Literature

Following is a list of publications specifically aimed at informing the fellowship about general service within A.A. from the service structure and its history; to duties, terms of office, and suggested qualifications for elected officers; to support. The list includes the item number in parenteses.

At present District 10 Intergroup does not maintain a large inventory of literature but we do have some of the materials listed below; contact us for availability. Publications listed here are available at CMIA monthly meetings held around the area. For information on thenext CMIA meeting click on Central Michigan link from our links page. Of course, these materials are also available from A.A. World Services.

Alcoholics Anonymous Comes Of Age© (B-3)
The A.A. Group©(P-16)
Inside A.A.© (P-18)
The A.A Service Manual and Twelve Concepts for World Service© (BM-31)
Twelve Concepts for World Service© (separate from Service Manual) (BM-32)
The Twelve Concepts Illustrated© (P-8)
Conference Report (Confidential: forA.A.members only)© (M-23)
Advisory Actions of the General Service Conference of Alcoholics Anonymous (Confidential: for A.A. members only)© (M-39)
A.A.'s Legacy of Service© (P-44)
Your General Service Office© (F-6)
The A.A. Grapevine-Our Meeting in Print© (P-52)
The D.C.M.© (F-12)
G.S.R. May Be the Most Important Job In A.A.© (P-19)
Circles of Love and Service© (P-45)
The Group Handbook (For A.A. members only)© (M-36)
Self Support: Where Money and Spirituality Mix© (F-3)

Materials listed as Confidential and-or For A.A. members only must be ordered through the group

Contact us or, better yet, plan on attending the next District Meeting!

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