ShiaCoaa Meeting Minutes

Dec. 7, 2007



Roger C., Chair opened meeting with a Moment of Silence and the Serenity prayer


Bill D., Sec read minutes from the October meeting:

            Motion to accept seconded; minutes approved as read.


Sue T., Treas. gave treasurers report:


            Oct            District Treasury:                  P.I./C.P.C. Treasury:

                        Starting Balance: ($9.09)            Starting Balance: $267.47

                        Received:            $274.50            Received:            $9.09

                        Paid:                    $94043            Paid:                    $0

                        Ending Balance    $170.98            Ending Balance    $276.56


                        Monday Nite - Durand                       $67.50

                        Sat Speaker Mtg – Owosso                   $20.00

                        District 10 mtg - Durand                       $7.00

                        12 Steps to Freedom – Durand            $10.00

                        Wed Nite Gp – Owosso                      $50.00

                        Freedom Gp – Corunna                     $50.00

                        Big Book Study – Lennon                       $20.00

                        Fri Nite Gp – Owosso                                  $50.00

            Nov.            District Treasury:                  P.I./C.P.C. Treasury:

                        Starting Balance: $170.98            Starting Balance: $276.56

                        Received:            $164.00            Received:            $0

                        Paid:                    $142.05            Paid:                    $0

                        Ending Balance    $192.93            Ending Balance    $276.56


                        From Workshop                              $74.00

                        Friday Night – Durand                       $40.00

                        Tuesday Night – Byron              $50.00

PI/CPC Committee funds are held separate from District funds and are earmarked for use to carry our message to entities outside of A.A

 Motion made to accept Treas. report; seconded; and approved as read.


Todd M Grapevine Chair

            Grapevine has issued new publication, “In Your Own Words” specifically toward teens and young adults up to 30.


Bill D Webmaster

            Presented print out of monthly visits to our website since Oct 06 to present (12.07.07)



            Chuck C and Bill D met with Shiawassee County Jail Special Programs Director and asked her if she would introduce some AA literature ‘It Sure Beats Sitting In a Cell’, ‘Memo to an Inmate’ and ‘Where Do I Go From?’ for the inmates at the County Jail. She was very receptive and will see to it that that literature is made available.


Old Business:



New Business:

            Elections of District Officers-

                        Todd M accepted nomination as DCM

                        Nominations closed-Todd M new DCM by acclimation


                        Sarah F. nominated for Secretary

                        Nominations closed-Sarah F new Secretary by acclimation.


                        Chuck C nominated for Chairperson  

                        Nominations closed-Chuck C new Chairperson by acclimation


                        Ray H nominated for Alt. Chairperson  

                        Nominations closed-Ray H new Alt. Chairperson by acclimation


            Jamie M. would like to see District 10 install a special needs Committee at the District level and has volunteered to act as Chairperson. District 10 warmly received this offer and will do all we can to help in that regard. As with all committees, they are asked to meet separately of bi-monthly District meeting due to time restraints and report to the District. There is a real need for this 12th Step work in the District and the need will be greater down the road. Special needs is not confined just to the physically challenged but also to those that may be home bound and unable to attend AA meetings away from their residences. If you are interested in this work contact Jamie at [editted] and plan on attending District meetings.


            The stress unit at Owosso Memorial Hospital would like us to provide an AA meeting on Tuesday evenings from 7:00 PM to 8:00 Pm. Outside AA members carrying our message of recovery to the stress unit will be limited to two at any one time to avoid overcrowding and unmanageable conditions for staff. One suggestion was that groups ‘adopt-a-month’. A single group would assume the responsibility of providing two members to go in for each Tue Night for one month.


            ShiaCoaa is once again hosting CMIA Area 32 Assembly in January (01.06.08) at Corunna VFW Hall. The Owosso groups are making potato salad and macaroni salad and the Durand groups are providing baked beans. We are asking for the help of groups outside those locations with the desserts. Please remember we are feeding between 125 and 150 people! CMIA is paying $600 to offset the cost of hosting and we are looking into having fried chicken this time instead of cold cuts. We really need your groups support in this!!


            Approved $20.00 seed money for new Secretary to offset cost of postage.


            Our Spring Seminar is in the planning stages. We have decided on Sat, April 12th as the day and are interested in seeing if a group outside of Owosso would be interested in hosting. We are also asking the groups to make suggestions for a theme for the seminar. We are instructing our DCM’s to act as hosting committee.


            Brian McG, DCM announced that he is returning to New York and may not be coming back to this locale. We wish him Godspeed and will meet him again as we ‘trudge this road to happy destiny’. Thank you so much for your tireless efforts and a job well done, Brian.


            The District is compiling group info for printing new directories. Hopefully that information will be available to send to printer by Feb. Please let us know if any of your information for your meetings has changed or we will assume that information on hand is accurate and that’s what will be printed. Plan on attending District meetings, we need the cooperation and support of all.


Meeting adjourned at 7:40 PM; closed with the Lords Prayer. Thanks to the Friday Night Gp for hosting.


Our next ShiaCoaa meeting will be held Monday, Feb 4, 2008 in Morrice hosted by the Serenity Group at 501 N Main St beginning at 6:00 PM.








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