ShiaCoaa (District 10)

Meeting Minutes

Owosso, Mi –Dec 7, 2006


Sue T.  Chair, opened meeting with a Moment of Silence and the Serenity Prayer


Minutes from Oct, 2006 were read and approved.


Treasurers Report Ray H Treas.:

District 10

            Starting Balance                        $310.64

            Receivable                                $50.00

            Payables                                   $438.74

            Current Balance                        ($78.10)


District PI/CPC Committee

            Starting Balance                        $310.00

            Receivable                                $0

            Payables                                   $0

            Current Balance                        $310.00

PI/CPC Committee funds are held separate from District funds and are earmarked for use to carry our message to entities outside of A.A.            


Old Business:


Nominations for District Officers and  (2) DCM’s were closed

            DCM   Mark S (replacing Dallas B who rotates out)

                        Brian McG (who is filling term of Bill T who has left the district)

            Chair    Al H

                        Roger C

Treas    Sue T


            DCM   Mark S

                        Brian McG

            Chair    Al H (name withdrawn from list of nominees)

                        Roger C

            Treas    Sue T

            All elected by acclamation. Chuck C. volunteered to act as Alt. Chair.

            Todd M will continue to act as District Grapevine Representative on an ad hoc basis. (See discussion)


Welcome to service for the District to our new officers and our gratitude and thanks to those officers that served us so well.


New Business:


            District 10 will be once again hosting the Jan. CMIA assembly in Corunna at the VFW Hall. District will provide the entrée, beverages and salads. We need the support of the groups to provide side dishes (potato salad, baked beans etc.) and desserts. We have received $600.00 from CMIA (Area 32) to help offset the costs and with the support of the groups in District 10 we will once again host a successful area assembly.


            District is planning a spring workshop to be held at Christ Episcopal Church in Owosso on Saturday March 17. The theme of the workshop will be “The Home Group”. Format and participants to be determined at Feb. District meeting.




            Todd M asked if we are talking about the Grapevine at our meetings and what can the groups do to help promote interest in this valuable tool. Todd is willing to work with the DCM’s in the district to get the word out about the Grapevine. The district will provide Todd with Grapevine materials from GSO and The Grapevine, Inc to help him in his position as District Grapevine Representative. Todd regularly attends Grapevine Committee meetings at CMIA and is looking forward to your ideas and suggestions at District meetings.

            How can District 10 help Area 32 (CMIA) financially was presented as a discussion item. After some discussion it was decided that CMIA finances were not Districts business; that the fate of the Area is ultimately the same as the fate of the District: the group holds the power; if the groups support Area, area will be just fine; if the groups support District, district will be just fine.


Next District meeting:


The Friday Night Group volunteered to host the Feb, 2007 meeting. The meeting will be held at St Mary Catholic Church, 700 Columbia Dr, Durand on Friday, Feb 2, 2007 at 6:30PM.


Meeting Adjourned with the Lord’s Prayer


Thanks to the Way Home Group for hosting.

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