Larry opened meeting with Serenity Prayer.

Don B. read minutes from last meeting.


Sue T. pi/cpc chair by acclamation.

Ray H. treasurer by acclamation.

Jenny H. secretary by acclamation.

Don B. chairperson by acclamation.

Bill D. said Ray H. is willing to install the Vonage phone service in his home for our A.A. hotline. More discussion on this later.

Ray H. gave treasures report. All in favor - YES

Chuck C. gave pi/cpc report since Sue T. was not present due to illness:

Committee needs to follow up with Perry schools. Al, a young person (19) in the program has volunteered to work with the Perry school kids, along with Sue T. and Chuck C. or anyone else who would like to get involved. Chuck said he had spoken with Linda Spenser (community coordinator) about getting literature into the jail. Plus getting a meeting started inside the jail. She referred him to Richard Lyle the "NEW" corrections coordinator for Shiawassee county. As of this dictation Chuck said he has talked with Richard Lyle who said he would get with Doug Powell the jail administrator about the meeting. Chuck and Richard also discussed the idea of putting litrature on the inmate book cart.

Chuck also asked those in attendance to go back to their groups and ask for volunteers to go inside the jail. When the meeting is okayed by the administration it will be mandatory for an outside volunteer to be present at meeting time. If not the inmates don't get a meeting. For those considering this it has to be a COMMITMENT.


Bill D. suggested again that we send a donation to G.S.O. It was agreed on that 5% of any moneys beyond our quarterly prudent reserve of $300.00 will be sent to G.S.O.

Roger C. asked about appointing an archivist for the district. said he was willing to turn all of his materials and memorabilia (except 1st edition BIG BOOK) to Ray H.

Meeting Closed

Owosso will host our next district meeting on February 2, 2005 at Christ Episcopal Church 119 E. Oliver st., 6:30pm.

I just want to say thank you for the privilege of letting me serve you this past year. The Spirit of rotation is a good thing.

In Love and Service Chuck

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