District 10 Minutes                                                December 5. 2003


Mark S opened the meeting with the serenity prayer.


Old Business

            - Meeting Cards   Bill S says that there are a couple of changes in this area.  Roger C. states

            that there are two new groups in his area, he will have addresses by the next meeting.


            -Treasurers Report              Receivables      111.00

                                                Payables          203.57

                                                Balance                           4.05


            - Phone Bill is due in December and we need money.


            - New meeting cards at the beginning of the year.   Card cost:  $150.00 for 2,500.

                        Chuck C. suggest putting a can out at meetings.

                        Ray H. suggest that every group donate $10.00.

                        Dick J. suggest that groups put aside a few dollars every week for District 10.

                        Charlene says that the Byron group is not sending money to NY until District 10

                        is            financially stable.

                        Don B. likes the ideas that Chuck C. and Dick J. had.


            Bill D. says that not enough groups are represented.  Suggest mailing minutes to

                        these groups if possible.

                        -Tom H. says that we need to go out to these groups.

                        -Roger suggest taking minutes and treasurers report to these meetings

                                    and explaining what is going on.

                        -Don B. suggest making a flyer explaining what District 10 is about. Bill D. likes the idea and will compose a mission statement. 



            Bill D. thinks that there should be a change in February that only groups that are registered are allowed to vote be changed to any group in the district registered or not have a vote at district.


                        - Don B. and Roger support motion.

                        - Vote on motion is unanimous  10-0


            Barb M. secretary and Chuck C. assistant secretary.


            Voice mail will be set up in January after cards are made up.


            Roger says that Intra area is coming up on Jan 4 and help is needed because he will be out of town.


                        -Ray says that he will get all of the supplies.

                        - Group voted to go with the salads from Romas again this year.

                        - Ray is going to ask for $500 from inner area this year instead of $300.


            Ray says that he is having problems getting Tax ID #.  Bill D. said that he would help.


            Hosting group for February 2 meeting will be Vernon.  Meeting starting at 6 pm.


            Meeting closed in usual manner.

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