ShiaCoaa Meeting Minutes

Aug. 8, 2008


Chuck C., Chair, opened the meeting at 6:40 p.m. with a moment of silence, followed by the Serenity Prayer.

Janell J. read minutes from the June 4 meeting: Motion to accept seconded; minutes approved as read.

Sue T., Treasurer, gave the treasurer's report:

6/08 District Treasury: P.I.C.P.C. Treasury

Starting balance: $ 336.84 Starting balance: $276.56

Received: $ 80.00 Received: $ 0

Paid: $ 283.01 Paid: $ 0

7/08 Ending balance: $ 133.83 Ending balance: $276.56

4/08 Starting balance: $ 133.83 Starting balance: $276.56

Received: $ 25.40 Received: $ 0

Paid: $ 81.90 Paid: $ 0

================== ==================

5/08 Ending balance: $ 77.33 Ending balance: $276.56

Donations were received from Durand Monday and Durand Saturday 12 & 12, and from Vernon and the Corunna Freedom Group for the District 10 picnic.

Motion to accept Treasurer's Report seconded and approved.


Ray discussed the next Central Michigan Inter-Area meeting, which will be held in September in Roscommon. He suggested that all GSRs attend so they can vote on a proposal to hold meetings every other month, instead of every month. Ray noted that groups will lose money through literature sales if that happens.

They claim that they save $3,500 per year when meetings are held every month by not paying hosting fees and mileage for delegates and chairmen. But there is $14,000 worth of literature on hand that needs to be sold.

ShiaCoAA will put in a bid to host Inter-Area in January or February, depending on how the vote goes. Officers are elected at the first meeting of the year and all positions are up this year, Ray noted.

The Inter-Area schedule for the rest of this year includes:

October – Bay City

November – Flint

December – Adrian

Ray also mentioned that a statewide convention will be held this weekend, July 11, 12 and 13, at the Bay Valley Resort in Midland. Ray has forms and addresses, which are also available at or from a link from ShiaCoAA’s Web site (


Bill and Ray discussed the fall ShiaCoAA seminar, which is traditionally about tradition and service. They typically promote district business and are not step meetings (although groups can present workshops on steps). Wayne A. volunteered to chair the seminar, tentatively scheduled from 10:30 to 3 Oct. 11 in a Corunna area church. Ken B. volunteered as alternate chair, with help from Bill D., and will prepare a flyer. Tentative themes are “How Your Groups Stay Sober” and “Home Groups – Traditions.”

Motion seconded and approved to have Wayne and Ken in charge of the seminar.

The seminar will follow the same format as the spring one, with hot dogs and a passing dish from those attending. Ray suggested that the flyers be posted and information be put on the Web 30 days before the seminar, or by Sept. 15 at the latest.

Wayne discussed a problem he’s seen in that groups rarely talk about home groups and wondered if there are newsletters or other materials that address the importance of home groups.

Those present suggested the pamphlet, “The AA Group,” and that he broach the subject at groups he attends. It’s also up to sponsors to inform sponsees about the importance of the home group. Bill noted that the subject of home groups would be an excellent idea for the fall seminar.

Having no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:36 p.m. with the Lord’s Prayer.

The next meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Friday, Oct. 3 at St. Mary’s Church in Durand.

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