District10 Intergroup Meeting Minutes

Aug 1, 2006



Chuck C volunteered to chair the meeting in the absence of Sue T. Chairperson.

Meeting opened with a Moment of Silence followed by the Serenity Prayer.


Bill D, Sec. read the minutes from June, 2006 and noted corrections and additions. Minutes accepted as read.


Ray H, Treas. gave the treasurers report:

General Fund

            Starting balance          $572.31

            Received                                 $209.50

            Payments                                $676.47

            Balance                                   $105.34


            Starting balance           $346.00

            Payments                                 $28.00

            Balance                                    $318.00

Ray stated that $3.00 was for sponsorship pamphlets for DOT Care Center and $25.00 were for District Directories distributed to outside agencies.


Bill D, Webmaster gave the website report:

All broken links on site have been repaired and e-mail forwarders have been set-up for Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary, PI/CPC Chair and Website Administrator. Bill stated that upon reading Website guidelines from G.S.O. we should stop using ShiaCoAA in our address and begin using ShiaCoaa with the ‘aa’ in lowercase to avoid the appearance of affiliation or endorsement by AA as a whole.


Old Business:

It was commented that the District picnic held in June was a great success and we are looking forward to next year.

The CMIA CPC workshop is proceeding smoothly and is scheduled for Sept. 16 in Flint; District 10 contributed a flier and a letter to professionals for the workshop.

Bill D, Sec. presented an inventory of materials available for group use within the District. (See attachment ot the miutes.)


New Business:

The District is planning a workshop around the Second Tradition scheduled for Nov 4 from 10 AM to 3:00 PM at Christ Episcopal Church in Owosso.

The subject of whether or not District should publish a list of groups that contribute to District and how much they contribute was brought up and it was stated that District had decided not to do this. Matter was not presented for furthur consideration.

Nominations were opened for District officers and DCM (3). Election to be held in Dec. and nominations will remain open till election.



Owosso-Chesaning Picnic to be held Aug 6 at Showboat park in Chesaning.

Durand Area Fellowship Picnic to be held Aug 26 at Trumbull Park in Durand.

The Tuesday Night Group in Byron is celebrating its 8th Anniversary Sept 12 in Byron at First United Methodist Church with a potluck and open speaker meeting beginning at 7:00 PM.

The Big Book Study Group will be celebrating its anniversary with a potluck and open speaker meeting in Oct at First United Methodist Church in Lennon.


Next District meeting to be held in Owosso at Christ Episcopal Church Oct 4th hosted by the Fellowship Group at 6:30 PM


Meeting adjourned with the Lords Prayer. Thanks to the Tuesday night Group for hosting.










. District 10 Intergroup Service Materials Inventory Aug 06


C.M.I.A. Minutes:            Jan. 2000 – present



            G.S.R. May Be the Most Important Job in A.A.

            Your D.C.M.

            Self Support Where Money and Spirituality Mix

            Inside A.A.: The Fellowship and Its Service Agencies

            You’re A.A. General Service Office

            A.A.’s Legacy of Service

            Carrying the Message Into correctional facilities

            The A.A. Grapevine Our Meeting In Print

A.A. Forms:

            New Group Form

            Group Information Change Form

            District Information Change Form


            A.A. Grapevine

            Public Information (old style)

            Cooperation With the Professional Community (old style)

            Correctional Facilities            (old style)


            Eastern U.S.

            Western U.S.


            Other Language Gps/Mtgs (other than Sp-Fr-ASL)

CD (2): Public Service Announcements for Radio

From GSO and AAWS:

            Box 459 (News and Notes From the General Service Office) 1989-present

            Quarterly Report from GSO             Aug. 2000-present

            About AA: A Newsletter for Professionals            Summer 2000-present

            AAWS Highlights (10-04) (1-05) (6-05) (1-06) (6-06)

            Markings: Your Archives Interchange (June-July 05) (Spring 06)


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