District 10 Intergroup Meeting Aug 1, 2005

St John Church of Christ, Owosso

In the absence of Chairperson, Bill D. opened meeting and asked Sue T, PI/CPC Chairperson if she would chair the meeting. Sue accepted .

Ray H gave Treasurers report; report accepted and approved

Beginning balance as of 6-03-05: 410.26

Accts received : 141.00

Accts payable: 185.29

Balance as of 7-14-05 365.97

Sue T gave PI/CPC report:

After some discussion about whether or not we should return funds to CMIA for PI/CPC work in the district due to lack of support from the fellowship within the district in getting literature distributed to schools, libraries, judicial persons (jail, courthouse, probation officers, etc.); it was decided we should spend money for the appropriate literature and do as best we can with we have in the way of willing folks to see that the work gets done.

Bill D gave website and correspondence report:

As of June the contract for the web domain name (district10area32.org) had expired and been automatically renewed. This would have caused a bit of confusion and possible interruption of services were we to attempt to change name of site to ShiaCoAA.org at this time. Bill is investigating change of provider with a redirect from our older website name to the new name.

Bill presented mailings received from AA General Service office, AA entities other than GSO and correspondence from entities outside of AA altogether. Our mailing address is published in Directories published by AAWS and is available at the AA website as well as our website so it is inevitable that we will receive solicitations for business from companies and organizations outside of AA. It is the policy of District 10 to not respond to any mailings from outside AA.


We are still interested in conducting a workshop in Oct. and are soliciting suggested ideas for the theme of the workshop from the Fellowship. At the time of the meeting the only suggestion was Literature in AA. [ Sec. Notes: since meeting have been asked to consider the Promises as a theme]

Discussed pending relocation of Don B., Chairperson and Jenny H., Secretary.

Bill D. volunteered to fill remaining term of Secretary and Sue T. said she would fill term of Chairperson pending contact with another person that had previously volunteered for same position.


If the groups in the district are not going to attend the District meeting held once every two months then the District will go to the groups. We need support for our efforts to be a viable service body serving the groups in District 10 and if we are having a problem communicating with the groups and you have any suggestions about how we can better serve you PLEASE let us know.

The minutes for Feb and June will be compiled soon and we will get them to you as quick as we can. Sorry for the delay.

We will be looking for a group to host the next district meeting the first Tuesday in Oct. If your group is interested please contact us so we can get that info out.

Meeting closed with the Lords prayer and adjourned.