Durand August 5, 2004



 Mark S. asked our host to open meeting.


 Dick J. opened meeting with SERENITY PRAYER.


 Chuck C. read minutes from previous district meeting.


 Ray H. gave treasury report. Chuck C. motioned to accept, Roger C. 2nd, all

 in favor.


Sue T., secretary for PI, CPC committee filled us in. Sue T., Ron C. and Chuck

C. Met with Health Dept. rep. to discuss displaying literature at their booth

In the county fair. It was decided 4 pamphlets would be displayed. Sue T. and

Ron C. followed up with a second meeting and dropped off literature. Sue T.

also stated that the PI/CPC committee could use more help. Don B. said that the

Committee was told early on that they wouldn’t get much help and now it's just

A waste of time asking for help. Chuck C. being a part of the PI/CPC

Committee said; it was not a waste of time and we'll keep on asking for help. It is

Our PRIMARY PURPOSE is to get the message out to the still suffering alcoholic.

That as a whole the district body is the PI/CPC committee and each and everyone

Of us have to put are hearts and heads together and work as a team. Not just a

Few people doing all the footwork. Don B. said we're beating a dead horse.

It's only sleeping; we need to wake it up.


Bill T. said he would get with the other DCM's to work out a plan to get the

PI message out to our groups.


Jerry M. asked, what could we do for our youths? Right now PI/CPC is working

On getting literature into the school libraries. On to school counselors next.


Laurie M. asked for literature so she could drop it off to a therapist she

Knows. "Team Work" Go Laurie.


Dave E. said he received donated Big Books and grapevines.


Ray H. asked for a vote to pay a $9.00 fee for web page. Vote is unanimous.


Mark S. motioned to close, EVERYONE 2nd.


Friday Night Durand Group will host our next district meeting. Oct. 1, 





Dick J., Rick O., Jerry m., Rick D., Dave E., Mark S., Laurie M., Tygh O.,

Roger C., Ray H., Sue T., Bill T., Bonnie T., Ricki, Don B., Colleen B., Chuck C. 





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