Minutes of the First Meeting of the District 10 Intergroup


Aug 6, 2002


Hosted by the Byron Tuesday Night  Group


Bill M. of the host group opened meeting with the Serenity Prayer then turned the meeting over to Bill D.as temporary chair

After some discussion it was decided that District meetings will be held every other month beginning with this meeting. So, our intergroup meetings will be held every even numbered month. Furthurmore they will be held during the first week of those months. In the interest of  allowing more of our Fellowship to attend, it was decided that the meeting should  rotate around the district with a different group hosting the meeting.

Hopefully on a different night durinfg the first week. For instance, this meeting was held the first Tuesday in Aug. and the next meeting will be held the first Wed of Oct. (Mark S. volunteered his home group, the Big Book Study Group to host our next meeting, thanks Mark) Any volunteers for the first Thur in Dec.?

          Following some discussion about who may attend and have a vote at district Roger C. suggested that Concept 9, “The Right Of Participation”, of the 12 Concepts for World Service be adopted as our guideline and that ANY group within District 10 may be represented and have  a vote at district meetings whether they are part of the service structure of AA or not and irregardless of whether they are registered with the AA General Service Office or not, as long as they meet the definition of a ‘group’ as outlined in  Traditions 3 and 5. Group voted and decided to follow that suggestion.

          We presently have a published AA hotline for our district (heartfelt gratitude to Gene R. for his years of service to our area in maintaining that contact number) but in the spirit of rotation Gene has suggested that the District look into the possibility of having that service continued in another way. It is our wish that, if at all possible, we retain the same published number. Jeff of Owosso said he is presently setting up a half way type residence for recovering alcoholics under a non-profit charter in Owosso and that they now have two lines with answering devices and the added benefit that someone is there around the clock to answer calls. Group responded that this may be a solution. Matter was carried over until next district meeting pending any other suggestions and more information. Also discussed computer type phone line with pre-recorded message announcing meeting locations, days, time and contacts.. Draw back was that there may not be someone available to talk to caller.

          Open discussion:

          It was pointed out that there would be some expenses that should be shared at a district wide level. Example: group directories, cost of hotline and publishing AA announcements concerning meetings, etc. Ray H. has already started a treasury to offset some costs for groups in Owosso and it was suggested that that treasury could be expanded for the district so that financial burden wouldn’t fall on just a few groups. Mark S. pointed out that should we reach a point where we will need to maintain a checking account (and we will) that checks require 2 signatures. Furthur discussion concerned need for District officers. At a minimum: a chairperson, a secrtary, a treasurer and alternates. Talked about hosting Intra-Area, support for jail meeting, workshops, social activities, etc.

          Groups represented:

          Byron Tuesday Night, Bill M.; Big Book Study, Mark S.; Saturday Night Speaker Meeting, Jeff C.; Basic Text, Ray H.; Jail Group, Roger C.; Durand Monday Nite, Bill W.; Thursday Night, Jerry Mc D.; Friday Nite, Ron C. Also in attendence were Tom B., Dick J., Bill D. (Flint), John H., Dallas B. and Bill D. (Durand)

          Next meeting:

          Wednesday October 2, 2002 at 6:30 PM

            United Methodist Church

          1014 Oak St


          Hosted by the Big Book Study Group


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