District 10 Intergroup Meeting


April 2, 2007


Roger C., Chair opened meeting with a moment of silence and the Serenity Prayer


Bill D., Sec read the minutes of the meeting held in February (thanks to Chuck C for taking down minutes in Sec. absence)

Minutes approved.


Sue T., Treas gave Treasurers report:


            Jan:                                Feb:                                 Mar:

            Start Bal:     ($32.85)    Start Bal:      $59.34      Start Bal:       $351.95

            Receivable:  $487.15             Receivable:   $385.00    Receivable:   $85.30 

            Payable:       $394.96     Payable:            $92.39      Payable:        $162.62

            Balance:       $59.34       Balance:            $351.95    Balance:        $274.63


            P.I./C.P.C    $310.00      P.I./C.P.C    $310.00     P.I./C.P.C    $310.00   

(Public Information and Cooperation with the Professional Community funds are held separate from the District general funds and are earmarked for PI/CPC Committee work within the district.)


Group Donations:


            Fellowship Gp.                         $100.00



            Saturday Night Fellowship Gp            $20.00

            Tuesday Stepping Together Gp            $40.00

            24/7 Gp                                           $100.00



            Freedom Gp                                        $50.00



            Friday Night Gp.                                 $75.00

            Monday Nite Gp.                                $48.30


            Other Donations

            Undisclosed Gp                                   $25.00

            Spring Workshop                                $37.00

Motion to accept Treas. report-seconded-approved   


Grapevine Report:


Todd M. attended the GV Committee at CMIA assembly and brought back several packets of Grapevine information for group use in helping to spread the word on the importance of the Grapevine as a tool for our sobriety. Todd reported that The Grapevine subscription prices will not be increased as some may have been led to believe, but the price of individual copies will.


Website report:


Bill D presented the attendees with a print out showing the number of visits to our site.


Old Business:


Discussed the idea of combining our printing of directories with Flint Unity Council (District 8). District 8 has included the meetings in District 10 in its directories for a long while now and it was suggested we combine our directories with theirs at a possible cost saving. After comparing our cost against theirs it was decided that we would pay substantially more for  combined district 10 and district 8 directories.


The Mock Conference held in Mar. was well attended by representatives from District 10.


Our spring workshop on the Home Group went very well and lots of people showed up. Heard nothing but good comments and praise for our efforts.


New Business:


The General Service Office will be printing a 2007 Directory. It was earlier decided that as a result of a computer programming error in interfacing with the printer that GSO would not be publishing Directories for 2007. After much effort and hard work the problem was resolved and those Directories will be published with group updates (provided the information was submitted to GSO by the April 20th deadline).


Our second annual District wide picnic is scheduled for Sat. June 23 at Kerby Park from 10:30 AM with lunch at 1:00 PM. Kerby Park is located just east of Corunna at the corner of M21 and Kerby Rd. Roger C. volunteered to chair the picnic and make arrangements. Thanks Roger.


The question arose about how many signatures are required on our checks and what would happen if our Treasurer for any reason couldn’t carry out their responsibilities. A motion was made that we have  a second person with check writing authority in case of an emergency. Motion was seconded and approved unanimously. Chuck C. stepped up and volunteered to assume that duty and received unanimous support. Thanks Chuck.


Agenda for the next District Meeting to be hosted by the Tuesday Night Gp on Tue. June 5 in Byron at 6:30 PM


Fall Workshop and an inventory of available directories in the District


Meeting adjourned and closed with the Lords Prayer


Our gratitude to the Monday 12 and 12 Group for hosting.













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