Meeting Minutes†† District 10 Ovid 4-6-04



††††††††††† Mark S. asked if our host would open meeting with the Serenity Prayer, no response. Mark opened with Serenity Prayer.

††††††††††† Don B. read our last meeting minutes (2-2-04). Bill D. motioned the minutes be accepted, Ray H. second, all approved.

††††††††††† Ray H. gave treasury report. Motion to accept, second, all in favor.

††††††††††† Ray H. stated there were 199 hits on the answering service and that it doesnít reflect in the meetings. Bill D. said that the majority of the callers are probably friends and family of someone with a drinking problem. Ray H. also stated there is no contract for the answering service (at the last district meeting there was thought to be a 2 year contract). Once the new meeting directories come out (in a week or so) the answering service message can be added to by purchasing another box that will allow enough roomfor AA and Alanon contact numbers.


††††††††††† NEW BUSINESS


††††††††††† Deb M. gave a presentation on the new PI/CPC committee that was formed in the Durand area. A summary was passed around for those present to view. The intent of the committee was to inform District 10 of itís present status, to be incorporated and recognized at the district level as the PI/CPC committee. Don B. stated that at CMIA, while the chairperson (Katherine) of the PI/CPX committee was giving her report said in so many words that District 10 had a PI committee. Don B. went on to say that the district doesnít have a PI committee, that it would have to be approved by the groups first. Bill D. said that it doesnít have to go back to the groups. Each group represented atthe district meeting has one vote. If approved the committee stands at the district level. Bill D. motioned to form PI/CPC committee, Ray H. second. After some discussion where Roger C. said we should think about the cost, it was decided to table until next district meeting (in June). Bill D. suggested a list be compiled of localities where literature can be placed and an estimate of the cost. Chuck C. suggested we send out a newsletter to all the groups in the district with information about PI/CPC and how they can help. Keith C, said he would approach CMIA about obtaining literature.

††††††††††† Bill D. mentioned a concerned member approached him about people doing AA volunteer work as a means of fulfilling court ordered community service. Keith C. said it was up to probation officer and the group. Others concurred.

Mark S. said the Lennon Big Book Group would host the next District meeting June 2, 6:00 PM till 7:00 PM, thank you Lennon.

Motion to adjourn, second, meeting closed with The Lordís Prayer.

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