Meeting was opened at 8:00pm with an introduction by the District 10 Chairman, Bill D. thanking the Perry/Morrice Serenity Group for hosting the meeting.  Meeting was then turned over to the group host, Sherida, where there was a moment of silence, followed by the Serenity Prayer.


Bill D asked for a volunteer group to host the next meeting to be held Tuesday, June 3, 2003.  Ray was going to check with the Ovid 6:30, or the Corunna 8:00 groups. It was expressed that the District meetings should be rotated to include each day of the week.


There was a Motion about the Phone answering service and the need for a 3rd voice mailbox. After much discussion the Motion passed.


Roger - The printouts from New York’s General Service provide a Worldwide Meeting List.  We need to complete our Master List and have that returned to NY by May 2003.

“New Group” or “change” forms are available through Roger, and with Acrobat Reader can be downloaded from the AA Website.

There was some discussion about the distribution of the Meeting Cards. It was determined that the local Police and Probation Offices should be included in distribution.



Roger – Fall Workshop – It was decided in a previous meeting that the April Workshop is cancelled. After much discussion, it was determined that a panel should be formed to hold a Workshop in October, and that it could possibly be held at the St.John’s Church, in Owosso.  Volunteering for the Panel was: Chuck C, Ray H., Jeff C., Don, Kurt P., and Stephanie R.  They will have a status report for the meeting in June. There was a discussion about inviting Court Personnel to a mini-workshop and explain what AA is, and isn’t.


It was brought up that the picnics held in August often fell on the same day and that maybe we should remind our individual groups that this can be communicated through Roger to avoid any duplications.


Charlie presented an opportunity to be involved with the Catholic Charities in Owosso for volunteers to attend a weekly 5:30p – 7:00p meeting on a continuing basis.  Your role would be as support, explaining certain aspects about the AA Program, and often would be referred to by Joy.


Roger – Need volunteers to sponsor “pre-release” persons. Male/Male, Female/Female. This would require you to write them a letter explaining that you would be willing to go to meetings with them, and help them understand the program.


Bill D. - When voting on issues at the meetings, it was determined that regardless of how many were present from your group, only one (1) vote would be accepted. Also, that he would put together a sample of “bylaws” that we could look at for use in future meetings.


In August, we will be taking nominations for the District Committee Members (DCM), to be voted on at the October District 10 Meeting. 


The Meeting was adjourned at 9:45pm and closed with the Lord’s Prayer.


::Next Meeting will be held June 3, 2003 in Byron at the


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